How is Creative Kinesiology Unique?

Creative Kinesiology helps you listen to the wisdom of your body. You can find out why you have pain, discomfort and symptoms, and how to release the stress behind them, so you feel better and have the vitality and energy to reach your potential.

If you are interested in understanding yourself more deeply and discovering the story behind your symptoms, then you will be drawn to this type of work.

The Creative Kinesiology approach

The Creative Kinesiology style is one of working with your life path. It will help you overcome deep-seated emotional, physical and energetic patterns which can manifest in symptoms of aches and pains, illness, frustration, relationship problems, learning difficulties, depression, lack of confidence, low energy states and a lack of fulfilment or purpose.

How is this style of kinesiology distinct from others?

  • Our body-tracking approach helps you talk to your body’s wisdom
  • We believe that the symptoms you are experiencing is your body speaking
  • Body-tracking helps you to listen to what your body is saying
  • We encourage you to talk about how you are feeling… and we listen
  • We think bodywork is key to releasing stress and trauma so healing can occur
  • Our practitioners listen deeply, they are trained in therapeutic skills
  • We don’t do a quick fix - we like to work with you over a few sessions
  • We work with you in a co-creative way that involves you in the process

Creative Kinesiology's unique way of working involves tracking, witnessing, holding and storytelling skills.

We use muscle-testing as a way to track to the root of your issue and discover the origin of the problem. We use tracking to find out the best techniques to heal and release stress, emotion or trauma held in your body and energy systems.
Our practitioners will support or ‘hold’ you through your sessions. This profound support helps you to recover health, wellbeing and vitality, and feel safe enough to release old patterns or outdated ways of behaving and thinking.
We use a term called ‘witnessing’ in this style of work. Witnessing means that your practitioner will listen in a deep, therapeutic way to how you are feeling, which is highly effective in helping you let go of stress and move through traumatic experiences.
We call experiences from your past ’stories’. Some stories are stressful, they affect our well-being and need to be told. We listen to your stories so that stress is released and you can feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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