You can only take your client as deep as you yourself are prepared to travel.

A cornerstone of the Creative Kinesiology Association is the belief that supporting our practitioners is a key to excellence. We consider mentoring to be very important, both to running a successful therapeutic practice and to evolving as a therapist, practitioner, and healer.

Mentoring is an ongoing requirement for all Creative Kinesiology Association practitioners and teachers.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring helps practitioners and teachers grow and develop into the best practitioner and/or teacher they can be. Individual sessions offer a safe, confidential place where you can discuss issues concerning clients and anything regarding your practice.

Mentoring can help make sure that not only are you as balanced and grounded as you can be while you are teaching or practising but also that you have the opportunity to explore yourself more deeply.

You are not alone

Practitioners and teachers can sometimes feel isolated and alone when practising in the field - mentoring helps you feel connected, supported and that someone is there to help.

Mentoring is a place to get help with your practice, workshops or anything affecting the way you work. Whatever you want to bring to the session to look at will be the focus. This could be:

  • fears around setting up your practice
  • problems arising within sessions
  • feelings towards clients
  • clients cancelling or not turning up
  • not enough clients making appointments
  • coaching on technique
  • help with running workshops or groups

Mentoring can take place in individual or group sessions.

Who is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone who is experienced within their field and so able to pass on the wisdom of their experience. The Creative Kinesiology Association has a list of approved mentors who fit our criteria related to experience and qualifications.

Equally, a mentor could also be any experienced practitioner from other similar fields (such as psychotherapists and counsellors or another area of complementary medicine) who runs a busy, successful practice.

How to choose a mentor

Choosing the right mentor is important. This relationship can be incredibly helpful and long-lasting, so it is worth taking the time to find the right person for you. Mentors can give you the guidance you need to realise your potential and become successful, and can support you when the going gets tough.

Our advice is to choose a mentor firstly that you feel you can trust enough to reveal fears or doubts about your practice or yourself. Ideally, you will respect their level of expertise and experience in the field and be able to travel to them relatively easily. Although in-person sessions are most recommended, if you can’t find someone in your own location, mentoring can be undertaken through Skype or over the phone.

Some practitioners love to work with a Creative Kinesiology mentor. However, others find it useful to choose someone from a related field within the caring professions. Whatever your preference, the key is to click with that person and the way they work.

Creative Kinesiology Association Approved Mentors

If you are looking for a mentor, why not take browse through our list of CK Association approved mentors.

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