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Creative Kinesiology (CK)  is a wonderfully, flexible modality, which over the past few years has really come into its' own with many  practitioners working both online and face to face,  helping to support hundreds of people all over the world.

It gives us a powerful way of tracking the stresses and strains of life.  Using the body’s wisdom and ways of natural healing we can discover what the problem is and how to work with it.  A Creative Kinesiologist will speak to the whole-body system of a person and listen to what the entire system is saying. Our bodies speak back to us through the symptoms, discomforts and lack of ease we feel as well as through the more serious complaints we may be suffering.  All of our experiences are held in the body and our symptoms may be the only way the body can get our attention.

Creative Kinesiologists are trackers and guides, standing alongside a person as a support and supplier of maps to help you find where you are in your particular landscape. They will witness your distress and hear what you are saying.  They have the tools to use that can bring balance to your story and promote change when needed, and your body shows the ones to use.

We work with muscle testing, tracking – a wonderful tool – that shows us exactly what is going on in the body and all its systems.  This includes the physical self, feelings and emotions as well as the mind and the spirit.  It is a truly holistic way of working with any problem.

The Creative Kinesiology School offers training courses for beginners, for those wanting to train as professional kinesiologists and a great range of online and face to face CPD courses for existing kinesiologists.

If you are looking for a practitioner, we recommend the Kinesiology Federation and The BCMA and search for Creative Kinesiology.

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