Foundation Course in Creative Kinesiology

Learn to become a body detective with this LifeTracking Foundation course in kinesiology that is packed with self help tools to enhance health and vitality.

The course introduces you to Creative Kinesiology’s unique body-tracking approach which is the method we use to talk to the body and find out what your body is saying to you.

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Who is this Foundation course for?

This course is for you if you:

  • wish to learn some wonderful self-help tools
  • want to be shown ways to help family or friends
  • would like to take the first step in becoming a professional practitioner
  • are looking for ways to enhance your current professional practice

Find out the role of the LifeTracking Foundation course in the Seven Steps of Success and how we offer a unique style of learning

I loved the LifeTracking Foundation course – it really opened my eyes to what’s possible and was a fabulous time of discovery with like-minded people. Not only did it play an important part in my own self-development, but it also gave me a real sense of how it might be to carry on learning Creative Kinesiology to a professional level. For me, LifeTracking marked the start of a whole new way of engaging with the world and myself.

- Vic Jenkins, Creative Kinesiology Practitioner

What does the course teach?

LifeTracking introduces the Creative Kinesiology's body-tracking approach, where you will learn the basics of how to track. This is a method of speaking to the body’s deeper wisdom so that you can find the best way to heal and release blockages or stress for another person and/or yourself.

The course teaches skills in the art of muscle-testing, the fundamentals of Chinese medicine and subtle energy tools that encourage health, wellbeing and vitality.

You will learn how to conduct a kinesiology session with another person - how to start and finish, as well as the skills of best practice that make the other person feel at ease and cared for.

This course is a certified kinesiology foundation course, recognised by the Kinesiology Federation of Great Britain and the British Complementary Medicine Association. It will allow you to move onto any branch of professional kinesiology training you wish.

Get to know the course syllabus

See the LifeTracking Foundation course syllabus for more information on the course content.

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How is the course structured and taught?

Each course is ten days in length and may be presented in a variety of formats – such as 10 single days, 5 weekends, three modules of 3 to 4 days each, or more intensively.

Learning is very practical and experiential and will involve you in an individual journey of personal development. You will learn through participation in group work and by working with real symptoms brought by group members.

How much does this course cost?
Expect to pay on average between £800 to £1000 for this 10-day Foundation course, inclusive of manuals and mentoring (price differences depend on teacher experience and location).

Additional costs include personal sessions and assessment fees.

Please see the specific course information for each LifeTracking course in our Course Calendar for full details of your investment.

How do I join this course?
We ask prospective students to make sure they have experienced at least one Creative Kinesiology session (preferably a few) before embarking on a LifeTracking course. This is so you know what you are aiming for within the course and can be sure you click with this type of practice, and because it is important for your learning process.

If you are interested in one of the courses listed in the Course Calendar, please contact the teacher concerned directly for more information about course application.

What will a LifeTracking course give me?
You will go home with lots of self-help tools and techniques to use for your own health and wellbeing or with family and friends.

After successful completion of a practical assessment, you will receive a Foundation certificate that allows you to move on to most professional kinesiology training courses (please check this with your kinesiology provider that this course is suitable if you are planning to continue your training with another school of kinesiology.)

If you are already a professional practitioner of another discipline and have insurance, you will be able to use the tools and muscle-testing you have learnt in your training within your own practice.

What are my next steps after completing this course?
You can choose to stop studying after your LifeTracking course if you wish, and use the tools and techniques in your life or your work. You will be able to attend CK conferences and gatherings and appropriate Creative Kinesiology courses run by our teachers.

Alternatively, you may wish to go on to one of our Professional training courses – Way of the Tracker, Perceptual BodyTracking or Perceptual Bodywork.

Join a LifeTracking course

We are looking at different formats to deliver LifeTracking, including on-line courses, due to the governmental rules currently in place around social distancing. Watch this space for more details.

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