Finding a Creative Kinesiology Practitioner

To find a practitioner of  Creative Kinesiology, please have a look at one of the governing bodies that we recommend our practitioners to join, either the Kinesiology Federation or the BCMA, please search for Creative Kinesiology practitioners  if you are looking for our specific modality.

Kinesiology Federation can be found here

BCMA can be found here

The Creative Kinesiology School  believes that the ongoing support and continuing professional development of practitioners and teachers is of utmost importance in maintaining excellence. We build this in from the ground up with our courses so when you choose one of our teachers, you can be confident in the knowledge that all  teachers are continually updating their skills and receiving professional guidance


Online Sessions

You'll always be able to access a Creative Kinesiology session as many  CK practitioners offer online sessions, the tracking, listening and body/energy work we use transfers well into online working if you are unable to meet face to face.  Contact individual practitioners through their listing pages via the BCMA and the KF.


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