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Way of the Tracker Professional Wales, starting

The Roundhouse, Llainlas

This is the start of ChaNan Bonser's professional training course. Way of the Tracker is designed to help you build and deepen your tracking skills, and assist you to become a professional body-tracker. Body-tracking is Creative Kinesiology’s unique approach to revealing what the body’s wisdom is saying through physical and nutritional symptoms as well as […]


Way of the Tracker Professional, Devon (module 7)

Hunger Hill Yurts Newton Poppleford, East Devon

This is the seventh and final teaching module for Judith Hart's Way of the Tracker professional training course that started April 2020.  It will take place face to face in East Devon. To find out more about this course, see the details for the initial weekend of studies.

(On-line) Healing Trauma & the Vagus Nerve with Carrie Jost

On-line Event

Held on-line on ZOOM. Based on the work of Stephen Porges and others we can understand how trauma becomes embodied. This course introduces some useful methods of testing for trauma and associated parts of the energy and physical systems. We shall look at ways to release the trauma, using simple balancing approaches. You will learn […]


(In-person) Our Bony Structure – CPD with Carrie Jost

East Devon

This in-person course takes a new look at the bones: their structure and function, the healing power they carry, releasing old patterns through working with the bones, the link between the bones and self-esteem among other things. When a person is ready for change, this gives an excellent way to help the process. To book […]


(In-person) Master Class with Carrie Jost

Trevanin Farm Woodbury Salterton, East Devon

This day, held in-person, will provide an opportunity for teachers and those who are working with our Creative Kinesiology approach to join in a day of in-depth study. We shall focus on the HOW of the work as well as investigating any questions that arise. It is open to anyone working with CK and if […]


(In-person) Healing Trauma & the Vagus Nerve with Carrie Jost

Trevanin Farm Woodbury Salterton, East Devon

This is an in-person version of the on-line course running in October. We will be working on embodied trauma – it can stay in the body for years! The course will introduce useful testing procedures and techniques, based on the scientific work of Stephen Porges and others. We shall look at ways to release the […]


In Person Ancestral Meridians CPD

The Roundhouse, Llainlas

Within CK, we work with the 2 packages of energy that we bring into life, these aspects make up our Jing, both Ancestral and Spiritual which flow through our ancestral meridians. They provide a reservoir of energy, and assist our movement into leading fulfilling lives, they hold our blueprint that we inherit through our ancestry. […]


LifeTracking Foundation Course

Come and Learn! In Chichester/Bognor Area Creative Kinesiology Foundation Course - Life Tracking  3 Modules 1x4 Days and 2x3 Days  Starting in July, following dates to be confirmed with venue Fees and Costings:  10 day LifeTracking Foundation Kinesiology Training course fee - £1,300  Additional costs - 4 personal 1-1 sessions during the course. Cost: £200  […]


Balancing the Dreaming Body

Trevanin Farm Woodbury Salterton, East Devon

The Dreaming Body is part of our subtle anatomy.  Reaching our visions, goals and dreams depends on the energy of that part of our subtle anatomy – the Dreaming Body.  Thriving is a great goal and one that is so helped by working with our dreaming body. Over these two days we shall be discovering […]


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