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Seeds that Blossom and Fruit

I have been busy planting – the garden has been asking for new plants and new growth.  I love growing vegetables and they are the ones that take up planting time in this late spring season.  The onward march of courgettes, cabbages and broccoli, beans and peas and my favourite – lettuce – is taking place, covering the ground and reaching up to the sunshine.

Some of the seeds have sprung quickly into life, others have really taken their time.  Though now – it is late June after all – they are all doing something.  It is the time when good, thrusting growth occurs.  The flowers blossom and bring an infinite array of colour to our lives.

Perhaps this is our time to blossom as well.

These are not the only seeds that matter – just the most visible.  I was thinking about the seeds that we plant when we talk to our family and friends – a stray word or story can make a difference.  The same when we are with our clients.  Words can take hold – the seeds dropped as we talk, clicking into place as our client ‘gets it’.  As we follow the clues and discover the background and story behind a client’s symptoms and problems our client may well show how relevant it is with a shift of expression or a sigh.   Their posture may change, their eyes may suddenly light up, and then we know that what has just happened is an embodiment of change – they have taken it in – and their body responds.

People only come to see us if they wish to make some change in their health, their bodily condition or their life.  Helping clients to embody change is part of our task as therapists.

It can seem like a slow process – helping just one person at a time to bring about the changes they are seeking.  Sometimes the seeds are slow to germinate and bring about the desired change and growth, though there really is no hurry!

Lets’ go back to the seeds: when they are planted, they eventually take hold and then grow and blossom eventually creating fruit.  What a magical process!

More seeds are produced and scattered – and to take the analogy into our work – each and every client who has embodied change will take their new self into their family and community.  They will be scattering the seeds of change, offering something new, with some potential for more change occurring – a marvellous kind of ripple effect.

This is a good chance to thank two wise teachers who taught me spiritual healing – years ago at the beginning of my career as a healer and kinesiologist.  They talked about this ripple effect as an important part of healing work.  As I work in my garden, I remember their wisdom – about seeds that grow and blossom – creating more seeds with the help of the pollinators.  From these humble beginnings more life is created.  As healers we are part of this rich cycle of change, growth and life, and we can all be pollinators!

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