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The End of the Big Freeze?

Simple help

It has been for almost a year now that we have seen and felt our lives being frozen by lockdown. This has increasingly felt like a time of ice.  Finally the weather is warming, and the winds are less chilling.  Spring is definitely on its way.

When we are working with Creative Kinesiology we have a set of clues that can help us to get to the deeper story that a person brings to us.  And within the clues is one set entitled ICE – describing ‘the frozen conditions of body, mind, emotions and spirit that are ready for thawing’.

When we come out of lockdown the need for a thawing may be great.  I know it will be for me – perhaps particularly when it comes to spending real-life time with my friends and loved ones.  How do I approach this after spending so much time with just the cats for company – they are good company but the conversation is limited.

I have enjoyed the quiet time for reflection and discovery but will be pleased when so much space in my life actually ends.

Recently, to entertain myself, I read an interesting book on the immune system by a Professor of Immunology.  He outlines the numerous scientific findings that have built up over the years to give the understanding of ‘The Beautiful Cure’ as he calls it.  This is brilliant work by dedicated scientists.  I know much more about the immune system than I did before.  And a lot more about vaccines.

While I was reading, my sense of something missing in the book built up and the question I would ask Professor Daniel Davis if I met him would be ‘Why does you not include the emotional / feeling part of the system in your consideration of immunity.’

It is fairly well documented that stress is a causative factor in many physical problems we encounter.  Stress can be seen as part of the emotional response to difficulty in life.

We have good scientific evidence that the emotions affect the molecular structure of our cells – Candace Pert wrote about this in her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ back in the 1990s.

In our Creative Kinesiology world, we know that the Thymus Gland is important. A well-functioning thymus gland not only produces many of the T-cells that make up our immune responses it also holds the impetus to growth.  Physical growth in babies and children comes from the action of the thymus.  As we become older the thymus shrinks in size – but that does not mean it is any less important. 

The thymus gland is supplied by the vagus nerve – the nerve that helps us to deal with the stressors of life.  And if we have a love of life then the thymus gland and the immunity it supports will be healthy and well.  Now this is an emotional aspect of life – love and love of life are both vital emotions helping us to enjoy what we have and to seek more joy.

I am getting around to the subject of ice and thawing – if in a rather roundabout way.  Love of life means that we have a passion for life, we have fire and warmth, we are looking forward to what life can bring.  And this is the thaw – finding passion for life.

And we have a very simple way of encouraging this – called the Thymus Thump.

I have been doing it a lot during these frozen times.  As I thump, I affirm my love of life in as many ways as I can think of. 

So, I would recommend that you do this daily – find the slightly raised point on your breast-bone – about 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 centimetres) below the base of the throat.  This is where you will find the thymus and this is the place to thump.  And this is how you can support both your thaw and your immune system.  It can help you to emerge from ice and begin to thaw.

Thump with different rhythms until you find the one your body likes.  Say as many variations of ‘I love to be alive’ as you can think of.  Look at yourself in a mirror as you do it.

Love and connection,

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