LifeTracking Foundation Syllabus

Body tracking and muscle testing

Students will be introduced to Creative Kinesiology’s unique body-tracking approach. Here you will learn how to use the skill and art of muscle-testing in order to turn detective and track to the origin of stress. Body-tracking gives you a tool to find out what the body is saying to you through symptoms and imbalance. Following the body’s innate wisdom will allow you to discover the best ways to release stress and trauma so healing can occur.

You will be shown how to work with the 14 meridians in Chinese Medicine, including their related muscle-tests and balancing methods. We will also explore the Chinese Five Elements and how to use this map to understand yourself and your life.

Everything is connected

We are all connected through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our energy systems. Our optimum internal state is when every part of ourselves connects with every other. We aim to enhance our inner connectedness through:

  • Practical energy tools for balance and equilibrium
  • Subtle energy awareness to encourage health and vitality
  • Healing the aura/energy field
  • Techniques for staying grounded and centred

We can make a difference

Healing ourselves, and realising that we are all connected also helps others. Exploring how goals and intentions shape our lives, means we can become more free. Here the focus is:

  • Setting intents, goals and using affirmations
  • Transforming and releasing blockages
  • The importance of nutrition and food sensitivities
  • Working with essences and remedies

Witnessing – the key to change

When our stories are witnessed, our bodies and energy systems can let go of unnecessary patterns that are holding us back in life. Listening skills are key, and we will focus on:

  • Witnessing ourselves and others
  • Listening skills and building rapport
  • Refining the ‘listening touch’ of muscle testing
  • Managing difficult emotions

Self empowerment

Emphasis is placed on enhancing our self-esteem and ways of standing more fully in our own power through:

  • Tracking into the past to heal old wounds and stress
  • Exploring underlying negative thoughts and beliefs
  • Re-framing thoughts or events
  • Body language, posture and assertiveness skills


As we deepen the tracking work, and expand our tool kit of self empowerment, we become ready to launch into the next part of our life’s journey. Support with the next step is through:

  • Recognising and developing gifts and talents
  • Tracking into the future
  • Tracking through the body’s inner realms
  • Deeper centring techniques


How this course is taught and assessed


Homestudy for this course is made up of:

  • A minimum of four personal session are required to be taken during the course
  • 12 case studies
  • Home research and background reading around the subject
  • Completion of two written questionnaires
Assessment criteria

There is ongoing assessment throughout this training course, from self, peers, trainer(s) and assessor. Assessment and feedback will be focussed on:

  • General communication skills, including use of social media/e-mail/text
  • Interaction with other members of the group
  • Ability to be present alongside another person
  • Listening skills
  • Awareness and respect for others
  • Kinesiology tracking skills and techniques
  • Muscle tests and balancing methods
  • Peer practice sessions
  • Case study write ups
  • Ability to self assess within case studies
  • Maturity and stability of self
  • Commitment to own personal journey of growth and development
  • Receiving and working with constructive feedback

There will be plenty of training time given to the above subjects as well as plenty of opportunity for discussion on any of these points as they arise. Discussion, questions and enquiry are all encouraged both from the group as a whole, and from individual trainees.

Practical assessment

At the end of the course students are required to take a practical assessment in order to gain the foundation certificate where they will be able to show what they have learned during the course.


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