Students in Training

These students are currently taking on 'case study clients' to build their practitioner skills as part of a professional kinesiology training course they are undertaking with the School of Creative Kinesiology.

What does being a 'case study client' involve?

The student practitioner will offer you kinesiology sessions free of charge or for a small donation to cover costs.

What the student will need from you:

  • Commitment to (generally) at least three sessions of Creative Kinesiology
  • Permission to share their (anonymous) notes from your sessions with their course tutor
  • Brief feedback from you on how you felt about each session - e.g. their emerging practitioner skills, what you have gained, what you would like

The student practitioner will be supervised by their course tutor over the period of your sessions. They will be receiving regular mentoring, will have appropriate insurance in place and will be following the Creative Kinesiology Association's Code of Conduct.

If you would like to work with a student practitioner, but don't see one in your area, please do get in contact to see if we can help.

Catherine Coverley - Banbury, Oxfordshire

Catherine is undertaking her 'Way of the Tracker' training with ChaNan Bonser in Wales.

Lexi Dells, available for donation based online case study sessions, worldwide.

Lexi is undertaking her 'Way of the Tracker' training with CK teacher, Judith Hart in Devon, UK.

Tania Wallis - offering case study sessions to clients in Edinburgh and Glasgow and also online.

Tania completed her 'Way of the Tracker' training with Ali Ashby and Judith Hart in Devon - she is currently undertaking her case studies for this course.

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