The Seven Steps of Success

Becoming a Creative Kinesiology professional practitioner

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This route shows you the path to becoming a successful professional Creative Kinesiologist - Steps One to Three below.

If you want, you can complete your training at Step Three and practice professionally (with the support and blessing of the Creative Kinesiology School on your journey) or you are welcome to continue on with as many steps as you wish towards teaching and mastery.


"Trust in the process"

LifeTracking Foundation course
(10 days plus 10 days home study)

A foundation course is the first step along the path and the LifeTracking Foundation introduces you to the Creative Kinesiology approach, where you learn the skill of 'tracking', integral to this way of working, and the skill and art of muscle testing. It leads on to either of two professional courses: Way of the Tracker or Perceptual BodyTracking.

  • Personal sessions are a requirement during this course


"Connection to all that is"

Part One of the professional training

Way of the Tracker
Perceptual BodyTracking
(20 days plus 20 days home study, including in-depth case studies)

Your first step towards being professional is to choose one of our two training courses. Successful qualification will award you a certificate in Creative Kinesiology. Although you are not yet a professional kinesiologist, the certificate will allow you to obtain insurance and work with the general public in private practice, under the guidance of a mentor.

It is highly recommended that you will do both our professional courses in time, and you can complete the second one as soon as you are ready.

  • Personal sessions are a requirement during both these courses


"Courage to keep going"

Part Two of the professional training

Becoming a professional Registered CK Practitioner

At this stage you will be gaining experience and building up a client base, working with real paid clients in private practice. The guidance of a mentor will be crucial to your learning support within your new work environment.

You also have three years to complete the rest of the professional training requirements which includes the following short courses:

  • 200 clinical sessions, paid for by the client
  • Four mentoring and four personal sessions each year

On successful completion of all the above requirements, you will be awarded your certificate and can call yourself a fully professional Registered Creative Kinesiologist.


"Acceptance of self and others"

Consolidation of practice

By the time you have reached this point, Steps 4, 5 and 6 are interchangeable and can be done, as you wish, in any order.

Step 4 is about consolidating your practice and all the work you have put in to achieve fully professional Registered Practitioner status. Here the aim is to continue to develop yourself and find out more about who you are as a practitioner and what you have to offer others, this will involve accepting your gifts and talents as well as your limitations. You can deepen your capacity and ability to work with clients by carrying on with mentoring and personal sessions.

  • Ongoing mentoring and personal sessions are required.


"Journeying deeper, beyond the known"

Continuing Professional Development

Steps 4, 5 and 6 are interchangeable and can be done, as you wish, in any order.

Step 5 encourages you to further your skills and continue your journey of inner exploration in order to benefit both yourself and your practice. You can choose to participate in Continuing Professional Development courses either within the CK School or within other therapeutic disciplines, schools or any field of learning that can contribute to your inner growth. Recent offerings have included:

  • Medicine Wheel
  • Ancestral Meridians
  • Journeying with the Seasons
  • Transvibrational Healing
  • Journeying with Clients
  • Empathic Response
  • Other CPD workshops offered by CK practitioners and teachers, or those outside the school
  • Ongoing mentoring and personal sessions are required.


"Transition - increasing skills"

Deepening practitioner skills

Steps 4, 5 and 6 are interchangeable and can be done, as you wish, in any order.

We encourage our practitioners to deepen their practitioner skills by repeating the Foundation and/or professional training courses. The word 'repeat' does not adequately convey the usefulness and depth that can be obtained from embarking on another personal journey within these courses. Each time gives a completely new experience for the participant and takes the practitioner to another level of their practice, training and personal development.

  • Ongoing mentoring and personal sessions are required.


"Expansion into mastery"

Becoming a Teacher of Creative Kinesiology

This step is seen as opening the door for those wishing to journey the long road towards mastery by becoming a teacher of Creative Kinesiology.

Teaching gives a completely new angle and depth to self exploration, self reflection and personal evolution. Each teacher in the School of Creative Kinesiology is required to have repeated the training course they teach at least twice.

Creative Kinesiology teacher training courses:

  • How to teach a short course
  • Presentation skills
  • Group work skills
  • Consolidating the teaching process 
  • Two repeats of the training course you wish to teach are required, plus ongoing mentoring and personal sessions.

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